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David Shirley (Programme Leader and Head of Acting, Manchester School of Theatre, MMU)


Lara has designed a number of shows for the School of Theatre at MMU and I can say with absolute conviction that the quality of her work is outstanding. Sensitive, imaginative and highly resourceful, she always manages to combine the creative demands of the play/director with her own artistic vision and intuitive insight. Whether working innovative and experimental minimalist texts or highly ornate and complex ‘well made plays’, she is always keen to bring new interpretative concepts and ideas that prove enormously inspiring and enabling for the creative team.


The creativity and imagination that Lara has brought to each of her productions has been extraordinary and she never ceases in her efforts to produce costume and set designs that are both theatrically engaging and aesthetically satisfying. She is a real pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with her again in the very near future!




Stefan Janski (Opera Director)


Lara is a serious, bright, cutting edge, exciting designer. Pro active, provocative, well read and researched with stimulating ideas and an essential  sense of humour.  A joy with whom to share creative juices.



Helena Kaut-Howson (Director)


Lara did a brilliant job designing 'Innocence'. She created an open, flexible space, accommodating within its simple lines a multitude of locations and a number of stunning surprises. The design incorporated a very clever use of video projection and was as witty as it was powerful and expressive. It was in perfect keeping with the 21st Century urban feel of the play and with the poetic, experimental style of the writing.


I was very impressed with Lara’s ability to embrace an unfamiliar aesthetic and with her extraordinary resourcefulness.




 David Salter

(Director/Acting Tutor, Manchester School of Theatre, MMU)


Lara has designed a number of my productions and consistently shown herself to be a highly talented and versatile designer. Her work is imaginative, beautiful and playful, and she excels in both set and costume. To work with, Lara is tenacious, open and full of creative solutions. Collaborating with her, I feel safe in the knowledge that the work will be of distinction, in detail and quality.





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